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Stephen Krueger

Real Estate Agents can help with new construction too.

Did you know that a Realtor can help you to negotiate a lower price when you buy a home from a new home builder?

Realtors are an excellent source of information when it come to new home construction in your market.  They are aware of the builders, and what they offer.   Realtors are also aware of all the promotions and incentives so they can help you negotiate the price of the home, even when you chose to build from the ground up.

You get your best pricing incentives when you find a completed inventory home, but don’t get discouraged if you can’t find what your looking for in a completed home, because inventory comes available every day.

In todays market, it is not uncommon for a buyer to pull out of a new home transaction at the end of the construction process.  The reasons can very from job transfers, to health problems, so once that contract is terminated, a new inventory home is born!    These homes usually have a few more upgrades and special features, that you get to enjoy at a discounted price.   The builder is just interested in getting the inventory sold.

One of the misconceptions is that if you don’t have use a Realtor, the builder will give you a lower price, because they don’t have to pay a Realtor’s commission.  This is not true!   The Realtor’s commission is paid out of the marketing budget and not the construction budget, so it does not impact the price of the home.

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